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How to clean a cast iron pan?

Those who are foody people might know the importance of cooking in the correct type of utensil concerning the type and material you use to cook. For instance, if you choose to cook in a silver pan, the dish’s taste will be different from the same food cooked in a steel or cast iron pan. For this reason, meals are usually prepared in cast iron or steel pans to retain their flavor and freshness. If we compare steel and cast iron, I will go for the cast iron pan for several reasons that I learned after using it. In the following article, we get to know about How to clean a cast iron pan? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Reasons to use Cast Iron pan:

The major reason for cast iron utensils is that they are most probably non-stick in nature. This means that you can cook food with less or almost no oil, which means your health remains good. Utensils made of cast iron are not available easily nowadays as they are considered part of vintage times. They have a great life, and they can be used for years without rusting. Cast iron pans and pots are stove and oven friendly, so it is easy to use them.

The best part of using the cast iron pans and pots is that they are very cheap compared to the steel utensils. So it does not impact heavily on the pocket. How can we forget that it is super easy to clean as well? There is no need to scratch it with scotch brite or any sponge.

Cleaning process:

If you want to remove the leftover food from the pan, it is better to scratch it with a wet sponge without using soap or any soapy liquid. If the stains are hard, then you can use soap. So there is no need to worry at all. It is merely a myth. You will have to dry it out properly. Because if there is any moisture left on the pan, it will cause rust. So dry it thoroughly to ensure that there are no water droplets present on the pan.

After drying the pan, spray oil on it and heat it until it dries off completely. This would restore the pan’s surface, and you can re-use it. This spraying process is known as seasoning.

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