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Soft boiled egg

The soft boiled are our good partners in cold and winters whenever we get cold, flu, and cough. My mom likes to give me these soft-boiled eggs, and these soft white eggs make our winter cozy and warm. In the following article, we get to know about Soft boiled egg. So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

But if you dont know how to boil eggs soft, then dont worry. This article will guide how to prepare soft boil eggs with the simple tricks of stove, temperature, and timing. The soft-boiled eggs take a little time to prepare, and thus the whites remain curdled and yolk yellow liquid.  So let’s get started!!!

Preparation of Soft boiled egg

Take medium size pot and fill it with enough water that the egg can dip in it completely. Now bring it to a boil and add an egg to it. If you put egg before the boiling water, it can break.

Add a tbsp of salt to it and let them boil the egg for five minutes. Keep in mind no more mo less. In these 5 minutes, you got a perfect soft boiled egg with slightly curled white and the gold liquid delicious yolk. The best partner of breakfast.

When the time is over, put the egg carefully out and hold it under cold water. This trick helps to remove eggshells easily.

Now hint the egg with your wall or kitchen shelf and start removing the shell.

Now your soft egg is ready to eat serve with toast for breakfast.

Also, sprinkle salt and pepper. Enjoy!!!

At the end of Soft boiled egg

Eggs contain fat, protein, and essential vitamins that play an important role in performing our daily tasks.

Although it contains cholesterol and egg yolk stores, vitamin A and D whites contain a good amount of vitamin C that maintains our health and clear skin. 

You can serve the egg with mashed meat and a little crushed cheese

Also, add a little vinegar to make a more delicious egg.

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