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How to crate train a puppy?

It’s very important to find a comfortable and quiet place to train your puppy. You have to keep in mind that your dogs will not feel like you are trying to trap them or want to take hold of them during training. The second thing is that don’t ever put them in crates when they misbehave. In the following article, we get to know about How to crate train a puppy? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

In this way, they’ll consider them jailed for themselves and positioned as a punishment. So always associate some positive things with the crate. Please don’t put them in boxes all the time. Select only a time for them to spend there and then increase it little by little. Because spending all the time there will make them frustrating. Make their crate a comfortable place for them to feel safe and free there.

How to crate train a puppy?

You can make the crate at home and even buy different types of containers from outside made of metal, plastic or fabric according to your choice in different designs online or from the market.

So, here we will share with you some of the steps you need to follow while crate training your puppies. Even then, it depends on your puppy and his instinct that how early they would learn.

  1. As we have said earlier, always associate your crate with something positive, a comfortable place to visit, you can put food or toys into them for which your dogs want to see it and spend time there and love this place.
  2. Firstly don’t close the door, keep it open so that they don’t feel trapped there, then start giving them food in the crate, and during their feeding, close the crate door for a little while and then increase the time a little.
  3. Once they have come to know about the crate and keep a pleasant association with it, leave them to spend time there a little longer and use the word crate or point towards it every time you want them to go inside. And always behave pleasantly to them whenever they go inside.
  4. Once they can stay there for half an hour, you can leave them there while you are going outside but don’t make it emotional, so they feel insecure. Could you make it a pleasant leaving and arrival?
  5. Then start to leave them overnight in the crate, but keep the container near you because small puppies feel a little insecure, so try to keep them attached to you.


These steps might prove very helpful for you to follow up to train your puppy. But don’t ever try to feel them separate from you whenever they are in the crate, for this keep the container near you only separate it at night and don’t ignore them whenever they want to spend time with you, let them do it. Always keep yourself attached to them.

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