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How to make cake pops?

Sweet treats are love! There might be any person who would not like to have something sweet, whether just a bite. When we discuss sweet things, the quickest answer is CAKE! No one can say no to a cake. Whether a single bite, no one would want to revive and refresh the taste of their mouth. If I talk about myself, I love to make and eat cakes. Well, that describes well my never reducing weight bar!

Anyhow, I, like everyone else, love cooking cakes and cupcakes as well. The little details that are to be taken care of and the preparation process are fascinating. I love to do it! Unfortunately, every time I bake a cake, I tend to burn it. This is a nightmare for me, especially when I have to serve the cake at any gathering or party. It feels embarrassing and guilty about not being able to cook it.

Someone gave me the idea of crumbling the cake and making its cake pops. It was astonishing as the results were commendable, and the best part was that no one would know what happened with it. Also, making cake pops is such a versatile way of cooking cake as it would be so beautiful apparently and definitely will taste divine!

How to make cake pops

They have become a separate confectionery item sold in bakeries and cake shops, along with cupcakes. They appeal to the buyer and are so good in size that they do not make you feel full and spicy. Let us discuss how you can make the cake pops out of a disintegrated cake:

  • Firstly you will have to make the cake batter. Whisk the eggs, sugar, and flour as per the usual cake recipe and thoroughly mix them to form a nice unified batter.
  • Then you will have to bake the cake and, when done, let it cool down.
  • Then disintegrate the cake and crumble it properly.
  • Make a frosting separately by using butter and cream.
  • Add the frosting to the disintegrated cake and combine it properly so that it may appear as truffles.
  • No, you will have to make balls the size of lollipops. And insert a skewer in it.
  • You will have to take some candies and melt them properly till liquid.
  • Then dip the cake pops in that candy mixture. Coat it properly
  • Then dip it in the sprinkles as you like it.
  • Pin the cake pops in a decorated Styrofoam sheet and enjoy!

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