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How to host on twitch Let’s share the viewer

Host mode that you have heard once if you are distributing games on twitch. I’ve listened to what you’re doing, what you have a host for in the first place …This time, I will introduce the critical host method for distributing games on twitch.

What is a twitch host (host, host mode, hosting ) in the first place?

A twitch host is a feature that shows other people’s broadcasts on your broadcast channel.

If you’re not broadcasting, your twitch channel page will show you as offline, and if you’ve set it up, you’ll see a “video player banner” (so-called offline image).

The hosted feature allows you to see other people’s broadcasts even if you aren’t.

If you are watching your distribution channel, you can immediately move to the host destination from the image’s button on the upper right.

Why host? How to host on twitch

Does it make sense to show someone else’s stream on my channel?

It makes a lot of sense!

A twitch, there is a culture in which broadcasters share viewers.

Guide viewers of your stream to other streams. By doing so, you can share with the viewer.

By hosting, you will also be able to get the host from other distributors.

Hosts often lead to more followers and viewers.

Sometimes a distributor who has many viewers will host you, and your number of viewers will increase at once.

How to host on twitch

Type “/ host host channel name” in the chat field of your distribution channel.

For example, if you host my channel, it will be “/ host zunda 2017”.

How to use a good host

The most effective way to use the host is when you finish the delivery.

When you finish the distribution, briefly introduce the person who is the distributor of the host to the person who is watching your distribution and host it.

By doing this, those who are watching your stream maybe a little interested.

And By typing “/ host host channel name” at the end of the stream, your viewers may see the host stream and move around.

By doing this, the host distributor can increase the number of viewers.

And this time, it may return the host to you.

In this way, a twitch will share with the viewers.

Using the automatic host: How to host on twitch

kink also has a feature called an auto host (auto host).

This is a convenient function that automatically hosts the host when you are not delivering it without entering the previous command one by one.

If you want to use this auto host, you need to configure it.

First, click on the top right of the twitch page to access the settings in the image below.

Then you will see a screen like this. Click on the channel and video.

After navigating to the channel and video items, scroll the screen to see something like this.

The automatic host setting has come out.

Automatic host channel If

you put a tick here. An automatic host will be enabled.

-There is a team on the host twitch of the team channel, but you don’t have to worry too much when you are just starting distribution.

It doesn’t matter whether it is on or off.

Depending on the host

channel of the pre-recorded video, the video may be played like a rebroadcast. You can choose whether to host these deliveries.

Host priority In

addition to the host list visible below, you can select whether to host the distributors you know in the order of the list or randomly.

Host list: How to host on twitch

This item is essential.

You can add and change channels that are automatically hosted when you are not broadcasting.

Let’s add the distributors you know, the distributors you support, etc., to the list.

You can search by entering the channel name from the search.

How does it look when hosted?

For example, if you enter a host command after the distribution ends, a host notification will be displayed on the distribution screen if the host channel is set.

It looks like this when I have it hosted.

In addition, the person who is delivering can check whether it automatically host or not from the dashboard offer.

How is it displayed when hosted?

It’s almost the same as when hosted above, but with one more benefit.

When you search for the stream you want to watch on twitch, you will find the channel you are following that is being streamed, but at the bottom of the screen, the media hosted by the channel you are tracking are also listed.

Having a host makes it easier for followers on other channels to find your channel.

Precautions when hosting: How to host on twitch

Be careful when hosting strangers

It would nice if the distributors knew each other, but some people dislike host suddenly.

Think carefully about whether you can host it.

Don’t forget to thank you when you

host the host. The host gave me a chance to increase the number of viewers.

Don’t forget your gratitude.

Even if it is hosted, it may not lead to the result.

The host is just an opportunity to increase the number of viewers.

If your distribution and the audience are different, the number of viewers will increase for a moment.

There are various causes, such as other game genres and different distribution atmospheres, but that is the case.

It’s just a chance.

On the contrary, if you can take advantage of this opportunity to convey the fun, it will lead to new followers.


The host function is an essential function for distribution on twitch.

Is it an excellent way to share viewers with the distribution of the same scale and grow channels with each other?

Also, on rare occasions, a large distributor may suddenly host you, and the number of viewers may increase sharply.

In such a case, don’t forget to thank you and do your best to get good distribution and increase your followers.
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