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How much do lip fillers cost?

How much does it cost to have your lips injected?

How much do lip fillers cost? The costs amount to 299-699 € depending on your wishes and ideas.

How much does it cost to have your lips injected?

In this article, we answer the question about the cost of a lip injection in Cologne. The cost of the lip injection is different depending on what your wishes and ideas are. Mc Aesthetics offers other packages such as Cupid Bow Treat, Natural Lips, Full Lips, and the Lip Splat. There is a different price for each treatment. A lip treatment, therefore, starts at € 299 and ends at € 699. Please take a look at our social media pages to get a detailed insight into treatment.

Where are the lipstick prices? How much do lip fillers cost

Costs and prices for treatment at Mc Aesthetics. Our interests want to know what a treatment costs. A ubiquitous question is about the price and cost of injections. Everyone wants to know what a hyaluronic acid treatment costs and what price to expect. However, the prices vary depending on what the wishes and ideas look like. There are different packages, such as the intensification of the Cupid’s arch or natural lips, full lips, and soft lips. There are also different prices for these packages. That is why you should look at all costs on our website to get a clear overview. Mc Aesthetics in Cologne also offers installment payments and financing.

Splash on lips experiences: How much do lip fillers cost

How much does it cost to have your lips injected? You can find more testimonials on our lip enlargement pages. This is what our patients say: “An all-round perfect stay at Mc Aesthetics. I’m from Cologne and wanted to get a quick appointment. At Mc Aesthetics I got an appointment within a week. After the consultation, I received the treatment straight away. The doctor was very kind and professional. The treatment did not last long and did not hurt. The result is just beautiful. I am very satisfied with my treatment and the result looks great. Thank you for the perfect lips “

Price-performance ratio

How much does it cost to have your lips injected? Mc Aesthetics in Cologne guarantees you the best price-performance ratio. Best quality at fair prices. You are always at the correct address when it comes to lip treatments with hyaluronic acid. We often get news about whether one can buy the hyaluronic acid and then bring it to Mc Aesthetics. However, this is not possible. Because the manufacturer of our premium hyaluronic acid, which is of high quality, has a very long shelf life and a market-leading preparation, it is not available to retailers. This means that only specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery can order Juvederm and Restylane and thus shop.

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