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How to get job in google?

Google parent Alphabet is the world’s most sought-after employer. In an interview, the Group’s recruiting specialist gives tips on how to get a job. In the following article, we get to know about How to get job in Google? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Carolin Ochsendorf is a recruiting specialist at Google. She has been hiring new staff for the internet giant around the world since 2005, currently focusing on Africa and Turkey. 

Ms Ochsendorf, you have been recruiting new employees for Google for 12 years. How did your own interview go back then and what has changed since then? 

Back then, Google was still in its infancy in Germany. We couldn’t say with certainty whether the idea would also be successful in Germany to get job in google. That’s why my interviews still felt a lot like a startup, there were no sophisticated processes. Of course, that has changed. It starts with the fact that at Google employee search and personnel management are separated from each other to get job in google. Instead of an HR department that does everything, I just concentrate on finding suitable applicants. 

How do you find new employees? 

It is a mixture of active search and job advertisements that we receive applications for to get jobs on google. A lot is based on recommendations On the other hand, we advertise positions for which candidates can then apply in the traditional way to get job in google.

What does the application process look like? 

On average, we speak to an applicant four times before we hire them. We have identified four desirable core properties to look out for to get job in google. The suitability for the advertised position is only one of these four points. The others are analytical skills, whether the candidate fits into the corporate culture and leadership skills to get job in google. By this, we mean innovative thinking, the ability to take responsibility, to motivate oneself and others and to drive projects forward.

The four conversations usually focus on one of the four properties to get job in google. We also make sure that the applicant speaks to different people from the company. The candidate will be interviewed both by an expert from the field he is applying for and by a person from another department. After all, the chemistry not only has to be right in the respective specialist area but company-wide to get job in google. All interviewers must give the green light to be hired. 

How is it now, the famous corporate culture at Google? 

We are a technology-driven company and work a lot on projects and in teams. We have flat hierarchies and expect everyone to take on responsibility across the field of activity to get job in google. Whether that is work left behind or an empty soap dispenser on the toilet. Employees should take on responsibility, be able to grow with us and have the potential to develop themselves further and open up new areas of responsibility to get job in google. Of course, it is also very important not to lose the fun at work. 

From an article in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago it can be seen that Google used to work with so-called trick questions. Do they still play a role? 

Our questions give us the opportunity to initiate a thought process in the applicant and to see how he can work out a solution to a problem. Most of the time, the questions are tailored to the job. We don’t ask trick questions, but a problem and then ask: How would you go about it? In the best case, the interview is a discussion, the applicant surprises us with a creative approach and in the end, both parties can say: It was fun and we learned something.

Is the résumé still relevant at all? 

The résumé is of course the first hurdle. He is there to present his skills, experience and competencies. The résumé does not have to be polished but should arouse interest. Excursions to other jobs and departments are welcome as long as they can be explained and make sense. 

What are three tips that I can use to increase my chances of getting a job on Google!

First: I can only advise everyone to invest some time in the profiles on LinkedIn and to keep them up-to-date. Second, if a candidate is unsure in the interview that they understood a question correctly, they should ask again. Too often conversations develop in the wrong direction because applicants push around and give a general answer. Third: Many would like to work at Google, but only a few ask themselves.

Do I really fit in there? We do not have the right place for people who want to develop a career quickly and who expect to become team leaders in the first few months. Working in teams is very important to us, lone fighters don’t suit us.

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