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How to change google password?

Many people do not log in to the account after registering or purchasing a Google account or do not know how to change their password. I don’t even know that I’m going to reset the secondary email address, which will leave my account at risk of being stolen. Here I will introduce in detail how to solve the above problems. If you don’t have a Google account, you can apply for a Gmail mailbox to open

How to log in to a google account?

A Google account is just a Gmail mailbox. There is no difference between the login methods on the PC and mobile phones, just one click with the mouse and one hand. If it is a purchase user, please pay attention. Gmail login must also require scientific Internet tools, And can’t be accessed directly from the domestic network. How to change google password? If you can’t access the Internet, use the Internet tool below to purchase an account, which can be used on your mobile phone or computer.

First, open any browser, enter the domain name and click on the upper right corner (sign in) after the page jumps to log in for the first time.

Although you can log in to Google using any browser, I recommend using the Chrome browser: Google’s official browser is more suitable for Gmail accounts than other browsers.

And after you log in once, Chrome will record your account information, and you can log in directly the next time you log in without having to enter your account password again; if you have multiple accounts, you can switch accounts at any time without verification.

If it is a purchased Gmail account, you will need to verify your login information after filling in your account and password. Here you can choose to fill in the secondary email address for verification.

How to change Gmail account password

Sometimes we need to change the password after successful login. It is also effortless to change the password. Just enter the personal account information to set it. If it is a chrome browser, the modification can be applied to all websites registered with Gmail.

Click on the account avatar after logging in in the upper right corner. If you haven’t set an avatar, then the first letter of your account is capitalized. After clicking, personal information will be expanded. Here you need to click Manage your Google Account (Manage your Google Account)

Then select the Security column on the pop-up page

Under this category, select the password (password) column, click to modify the password (the above shows the time when you last modified the password):

Before changing the password, you will need to enter the account password again. After the verification complete, the password can replace.

How to modify the recovery email (verification method)

A recovery email is a vital tool for you to verify account login, especially now that it is difficult for domestic users to use the two-step verification method (only the old account 17 years ago can continue to use mobile phone verification) if you switch devices or addresses, Google, The user, will need to verify the account. Here you need to use a secondary phone or email. My recommendation is to use email verification.

Also, if it a purchased account, the recovery email must modify. Otherwise, the report can retrieve through the recovery email and the original login device.

Modifying the secondary email is similar to changing the password. It also limited in the security settings (Security). It is best to use a non-QQ email for the secondary email, such as DingTalk or corporate email. The secondary phone can make with your usual mobile phone number. Just set it up.

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