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What is a Sunroof, Moonroof, and Panoramic Roof and the Difference?

Even though they have the same function, the sunroof, moonroof, and panoramic roof still have differences. What are the differences? In addition to making modifications to the legs and interior of the car, the modifiers are currently also interested in adding the sunroof, moonroof, and panoramic roof features to their cars. With this feature, the car will look more elegant.

There are differences between the three types of windows on the roof of the car. What are they?

Both the sunroof, moonroof, and panoramic roof do have differences in how they work, but they still have the same function, namely seeing the scenery above the car.

For more details, you can read below, and maybe it can help you understand more about sunroof, moonroof, and panoramic roof.


The first type of roof glass is a sunroof. This model is a window or glass on the roof that can form a certain angle when opened.

Usually, the rear of the sunroof will rise when opened, just like the system used in the ventilation of old city buses.

In addition to enjoying the view above the car, the sunroof is also useful for circulating air from inside the car, so that air circulation is getting better.

When the sunroof is opened, the cabin will receive air and direct sunlight from outside.

Some people may cover this situation, especially driving when the weather is sunny and in mountainous areas.

Having a sunroof in the car is certainly very useful and makes the trip even more exciting. This is one of the advantages of a car with a sunroof.

There are many sunroof installation services, such as Sunroof Garage, Aspect Roof Car Specialist, and others.

For those who want to install a sunroof, prepare funds of around Rp. 15 million to Rp. 25 million, depending on the type of sunroof used.

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The next type of roof glass is the moonroof. The moonroof and sunroof do not have much difference, only the way to open it is different. As explained earlier, the sunroof is opened by lifting it.

While the moonroof has a rail that serves to move the glass, the moonroof will enter into the glass when opened so that the view is wider and the air circulation space is also more spacious.

However, the moonroof must be properly cared for. As is known, the moonroof is driven by rails. Therefore this type of roof glass is prone to jams.

The moonroof is usually actuated automatically by a button. If the rail is jammed, the moonroof can get stuck and cannot be closed again. This will certainly trouble you, especially when the weather is hot or even rainy.

For this reason, regular maintenance is needed so that it can always be used properly.

Panoramic roof

Lastly is the panoramic roof, which is a type of roof glass that is quite large. Some are almost as big as the roof of a car.

Unlike the sunroof and moonroof, the panoramic roof is just a piece of glass that stretches across the car’s roof but cannot be opened.

The panoramic roof cannot move like a sunroof or moonroof, which can move, namely the roof or the cover under it.

Although it has a fairly large size, panoramic roofs are usually equipped with an anti-ultraviolet coating. So, passengers or drivers in the cabin will be protected from direct sunlight.

Sometimes some cars are equipped with panoramic sunroof technology, meaning that the glass can be partially opened.

Using a sunroof, moonroof, and panoramic roof when driving in a sunny and cool area certainly makes the trip more enjoyable.

But don’t forget to close it if the weather suddenly turns cloudy.

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