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Difference between RAM and ROM on Hp, Laptop, and Computer

Misunderstandings regarding the difference between RAM and ROM are still common. This is quite important because if we misinterpret the two, we might mistakenly choose a cellphone, laptop, or computer.

In short, RAM and ROM are important components related to devising performance to data storage. Although the two functions are not much different, RAM and ROM have significant differences.

To understand better, here’s a complete explanation of the difference between RAM and ROM, functions, and understanding of the two.

What is RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory is a component of program data stored in a computer user or when the computer is on.

RAM generally comes in MB (megabyte) to GB (Gigabyte) and has a nanosecond speed. The large capacity of this RAM will affect the speed of a device.

So the more data that is read and stored in RAM, the device’s performance will decrease or slow down.

RAM is likened to the space used to run a program that is opened when a computer or smartphone is used.

The more applications open or used, the less RAM space and the slower device performance. But when computers, laptops, and smartphones turn off, the RAM will be empty again.

What is ROM

ROM or Read Only Memory is a memory component that stores various programs on computers, laptops, and smartphones. This ROM can usually store various files such as music, pictures, and videos.

Difference between RAM and ROM

Unlike RAM, when the device is off, the stored data will not be lost. The larger the ROM capacity, the more space available to install applications or programs.

Although the number of ROMs for each device is limited, you can use external memory for additional storage media to accompany the ROM.

The differences in the definition of RAM and ROM above further ensure that these two components are very important. Without RAM and ROM, of course, you will have difficulty operating computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Difference between RAM and ROM

After discussing the meaning and function of RAM and ROM, now consider the explanation of the differences between RAM and ROM that you must know:

1. Capacity

RAM generally has a capacity of MB to GB with a fairly high speed compared to ROM. RAM can also be increased in capacity or upgraded.

Unlike the ROM that can not be tampered with because the manufacturer himself fills it. ROM usually has a large enough capacity of 4 GB, 32 GB to 512 GB.

RAM itself is usually in the form of an IC or integrated circuit. The amount of RAM can also be increased so that the performance of the computer or laptop increases. For smartphones, RAM is in the form of Flash Memory, which unfortunately cannot be added.

2. Security

The next difference between RAM and ROM is regarding the security system. Data stored in ROM is not easily lost and is permanent because, during the storage process, it does not require power.

Meanwhile, data stored in RAM is easily lost, especially when the computer or smartphone is turned off. This is because the RAM storage process requires power.

3. Writing and Filling Data

The difference between RAM and the next ROM is in terms of data entry. ROM cannot be filled or written easily. At the same time, RAM can be written or filled when the device is running.

For example, when you buy a smartphone with a 4 GB ROM, you don’t fully get 4 GB of memory, but only 2.5 GB. At the same time, the other 1.5 GB has been filled by the ROM manufacturer’s data system.

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4. Properties of data storage: Difference between ram and rom

Data storage on ROM will not be lost or permanent. Meanwhile, RAM data storage is temporary or can be lost if the device is turned off.

5. Power used: Difference between ram and rom

Storage of data or files carried out by ROM does not require electrical power. At the same time, RAM requires power to store program data. This is what makes the data in the ROM will not be lost even if the device is turned off.

For example, if you type in Microsoft Word, and the data has not been saved, and then the computer or laptop turns off, then your writing will be lost. However, if your writing has been saved in ROM, the data will not be lost, and you can continue typing again.

6. Product Type: Difference between ram and rom

The difference between RAM and ROM can also be seen from the type of product used. ROM has a type of PROM or Programmable Read-Only Memory which is produced as empty memory. For example, CD-ROM.

While RAM has various products, there are two commonly used, namely DRAM and SRAM. DRAM usually comes in a single package in standard hardware systems.

 For speed, SRAM is faster than DRAM. This happens. DRAM needs to be refreshed thousands of times. DRAM has a speed of 60 nanoseconds, while SRAM is ten nanoseconds.

Benefits of Knowing RAM and ROM

With an explanation of the meaning and function of RAM and ROM, you will find it easier to determine the cellphone, laptop, or computer that suits your needs.

In addition, an explanation of the difference will also help you not to be mistaken in choosing a cellphone, laptop, or computer-based on its specifications.

Hopefully, reading this article before deciding to buy a gadget will make you choose the right gadget.

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