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What‌ ‌should‌ ‌i‌ ‌do‌ ‌

If we talk about life, one needs to be clear what is exactly the purpose of his life. You should be able to recognize what is your exact desire and aim of life. Where you want to reach in life. If we discuss generally. What should i do It is the most common question that is asked to anyone by every next person. That what are you doing in life?

Therefore your primary goal in life is to ask yourself what should i do? “Aim” is undoubtedly an important factor when we talk about life, and it could be anything that your heart desires. One could wish to become a doctor, engineer, teacher, developer or anything else he wishes to.

Guidance to “what should I do”

When we are thinking about what we should become in life or what we should be, the first thing that will be on our mind will be the one we love to do the most. However, if nothing crosses your mind you can get guidance from the official sources. 

There are plenty of people out there providing guidance for your future. And proper counselling services can also give. 

Talk to people:

It is a fact that it will surprise you how much you can learn just by listening to other people talk. I agree that sometimes all you can hear is how traffic was backed up during a rush hour. On the other hand, if you listen and focus in-between the lines, you’ll get an inner view of people’s motivations, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. 

And after you piece all of that together, you will be able to comprehend how they got where they are today and how you can reach there if you want to.

Prepare yourself for a long journey:

In order to know what you should do in life, first planning a vision is necessary. You cannot just sit, think and decide what you are going to achieve and have your entire life planned at once. 

Reality contradicts our thoughts when we start making an effort. Whether you agree or not, our lives shift constantly, and you’ll require the need to rethink about your journey as long as you go on. Therefore, instead of being surprised when you have to make new decisions, focus on them, be excited about trying new things and never be discouraged because you have a long path ahead of you.

Step out from your comfort zone should i do:

It is a known fact that no one can do something huge or achieve anything while sitting at home. One needs to make efforts and step out of their comfort zones in order to accomplish their required mission. Moreover, maybe you don’t know what you want to do because you haven’t tried something exciting enough to persuade you in your life. 

So step up and take risks. It is your life and it will live once only, therefore make it worth living. Just by encouraging yourself and taking a step outside your comfort zone, you might surprise by how much you at the end like something which you never even thought of once.  

Don’t be afraid to fall should i do:

What is even the purpose of getting to succeed if you haven’t fallen once? One needs to fail at least once in order to be successful in the end. 

It is tha matter of fact that the question that will slow you down more is to figure out what to do with your life than being afraid of failure. Yes, it’s true guys. You won’t ever be able to nail down what makes you happy if you eliminate everything just because it sounds hard.


Be always confident once you have decided to go for something. There is absolutely no one who can discourage you but yourself. Fall several times? It doesn’t matter until you have the courage to stand up back and continue your efforts. 

“A life led without aim is like a bird with no wings”.

This is often used in many speeches to encourage the youth. And it is helpful because you can fly as high as you want. The only person who can set limits in your life is you! That is why you just need to clear your head enough to set your goal and line up necessary efforts in order to acquire it. 

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