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Pizza Carryout vs. Pizza Delivery: The Perks

The first recorded pizza delivery in history occurred in 1889. The king and queen of Italy were on a visit to Naples and wanted to eat local food, so a chef created a special pizza and brought it to them. Carryout pizza was first offered in New York City in 1945, and pizza delivery as it is known today began in the 1960s.

In some ways, the perks of pizza carryout and pizza delivery are similar. Both are designed with convenience for you in mind. With delivery, your pizza is brought right to your door, while carryout allows you to pick it up and take it home. In either case, you are spared the trouble of cooking a meal yourself.

Which is more convenient for you may depend on where you are at the time that you order. If you are already at home, delivery may be more convenient. On the other hand, it may be more convenient for you to order a pizza for carryout if you are somewhere else, such as at work, an appointment, or a child’s after-school activity. When you are finished, you can stop by to pick up your pizza on the way home and eat it as soon as you get there.

Whether you order for carryout or delivery, there are several different options available to you, including ordering by phone, website, or smartphone app.

How the Pandemic Has Impacted Delivery Times

There is little published data available to show how delivery times have been affected by the pandemic, or whether there has been any effect at all. However, it is a well-documented fact that, due to various restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus that ordered people to stay home or required social distancing, food delivery in general has increased exponentially since the pandemic. Some surveys show that many consumers intend to keep ordering food for carryout or delivery even after the spread of COVID is no longer a prominent concern.

It stands to reason that, with more people ordering food, it may have the effect of increasing delivery times. It may or may not be a significant increase, but if it is very important to you that your food arrives at a specific time, you may want to try Papa Johns schedule delivery, which allows you to order now and take delivery at a future time.

How To Find Your Nearest Papa Johns

The Papa Johns website lists all its locations. Scroll down to the bottom of any page, and under the Help menu, you will find an option called “Store Locator.” From there, it is a simple matter of finding your state, then your city, and you will see a list of all Papa Johns locations with their addresses and hours.

There are many more resources available on the Papa Johns website. You can see the menu, view a list of specials, order your entrée, and sign up for the customer rewards program.

Whether you order for carryout or delivery, your stuffed crust pizza is just as satisfying.



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