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How to lose water weight?

An optimal water supply is not only very important for numerous body functions and metabolic processes, but drinking water can also help with weight loss. In the following article, we will inform you about the role that drinking enough plays, both directly and indirectly, in losing weight and the extent to which water influences metabolism. In this article, we read about How to lose water weight?

You will also receive information about the quality and benefits of tap water as drinking water and why it might make sense to filter it.

Many studies and experiences indicate how important it is not only in general but especially when losing weight to drink enough. A sufficient supply of all cells with water contributes fundamentally to a functioning metabolism and thus to weight loss.

Scientific data to lose water weight

In almost every diet guide you will read the advice to drink a lot with a diet in order to stimulate the metabolism and purify the body. Women’s magazines sometimes advertise special slim-water diets that suppose to boost the metabolism and thus the burning of fat to the maximum.

Researchers at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin examined the relationship between water and weight loss in more detail in the course of a meta-study. The result: older people who consumed more fluids with their diet were also able to lose weight better.

Water, therefore, appears to have a supportive effect during a diet. However, there are too few scientific studies to be able to make a well-founded statement as to whether drinking more water alone has a positive effect on body weight.

The importance of drinking water while dieting

Even if the data are so far limited and further studies will be needed to provide sufficient scientific evidence, drinking more water while on a diet is definitely recommended. Due to the lower food intake, the body is also deprived of the water contained in the food and thus the water requirement increases automatically.

The water in food and the oxidation water that accumulates during digestion also provide our body with fluids. It is, therefore, necessary to drink more water during a diet just to meet the increased water requirement and to ensure a functioning metabolism.

Drinking enough can also help against excessive hunger, as hunger is often confused with thirst. Water also indirectly helps you lose weight: It offers a calorie-free and healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks and supposed thirst quenchers. This alone can save a lot of calories.

In order to lose weight successfully in the long term, however, you always need to change your lifestyle. Don’t wait until you are really thirsty to drink. Thirst is the final symptom of a lack of water.

It best not only to get used to drinking enough for weight reasons but also to prevent weight problems and metabolic disorders from the sufficient fluid intake.

The German Nutrition Society recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters a day …

Tips on how to drink properly

When it comes to the recommended daily intake, opinions differ widely. The German Nutrition Society recommends at least 1.5 liters per day, but this also depends on other factors such as climatic conditions and the individual level of activity.

This is only an average guide value. Every metabolism is different. Other sources advise to use significantly larger amounts per day.

A sufficient supply of water is essential for a functioning metabolism. However, in order not to dilute the digestive juices, it is advisable to drink about half an hour before eating.

Another advantage to lose water weight:

Drinking before eating already contributes to satiety. If you drink cold water, the body must first generate energy to warm it up to body temperature. You can also boost your metabolism in this way.

The advantages of tap water as drinking water

For the production of mineral water bottles and their transport, additional resources used that are detrimental to the environment. Because of the very good quality of drinking water in Germany, tap water is inexpensive. Environmentally friendly, and time-saving alternative to mineral water. The constant availability is also practical, which may encourage you to drink more.

Since our tap water treatment in waterworks and has to meet many requirements. In order to comply with the German Drinking Water Ordinance, it is actually safe to drink. 

Interesting to lose water weight:

Even if the limit values ​​are adhered to, the water sometimes contains undesirable substances. Which can remove with the help of a water filter. These include, for example, heavy metals, drug residues, and pesticides.

These substances can burden the organism and restrict metabolic functions. The degree of pollution varies from region to region and also depends on the in-house pipes and taps.


In conclusion, it can summarize that an adequate supply of fluids necessary. For the functioning of the body and also has a supportive effect on weight reduction. Ideally, get used to having water with you wherever you go.

If possible, always have a water glass ready and refill it. This is how you remind yourself to drink enough. However, in order to successfully reduce weight, it is not enough just to drink a lot.

Healthy eating and exercise also play a crucial role. If you can combine these three elements, you are well on your way to losing weight successfully.

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