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How much is a passport?

Passport cost required for issuing and renewing the document for those who want to travel outside the European Union. Passport Cost Guide

by Annamaria Villafrate

The passport is a travel document and an identification one, necessary if you want to travel outside the European Union. The reference office to which the issue or renewal of this document can request is the Police Headquarters of the applicant’s residence. However, there are other offices to which it is possible to apply.

To obtain the passport, however, as for many other documents, it is necessary to incur costs, such as that for the revenue stamp, for the key itself, for photographs and photocopies of the documents to show when making the request:

What is a passport?

The passport is a travel document but also an identification document. Which in Italy issued by the Police Headquarters. The Carabinieri, the Post Offices, the Passport Office of the Public Security Commissioner. And the Municipalities and abroad by the Diplomatic and Consular Missions. The possession of a passport is essential to enter most countries that are not part of the European Union.

Documents required to apply for a passport

When applying for the issuance or renewal of the passport. (To request at the end of the ten years) the following documents must presented:

  • the completed and signed passport application form ;
  • a photocopy of the identity document, the health care, or the old tax code;
  • Two recent identical photographs, frontal, in color, and the requested format;
  • receipts for payment of the cost of the booklet and the administrative fee;
  • any previous expired pass port.

Pass port issue or renewal costs

The costs to be incurred to renew an expired or lost pass port or obtain it for the first time are the same.

It is, in fact, necessary to pay:

  • 73.50 euros for the revenue stamp ;
  • 42.50 for the passbook, to be paid by bulletin to the Ministry of Economy – Department of the Treasury, on the current account.

These fixed costs of 116, 00 € must be added to photocopies of the required documents and photographs, for a total cost of around 120, 00 €.

All you need to know about your pass port

So, here is everything you need to know about your pass port. Here is a series of articles and insights on the subject.

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