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How to get rid of moles?

People go to moles for nothing more than two reasons: one is beautiful, and the other is pathology. In this article, we read about How to get rid of moles?

  • Beautiful, the existence of pigmented moles destroys the purity of beauty. In short, if you dislike it/disgust it, then say bye-bye.
  • Pathology worries about malignant transformation. That is, melanoma becomes malignant melanoma.

The general public has known that melanoma is very evil and has an extremely high mortality rate through various propaganda. So many people are frightened when they see a mole, and they must be removed when they see it. Most moles can coexist peacefully with us, but if there are the following five types of ABCDE conditions, it indicates that the pigmented mole may have a double heart. If you want to betray, you need to get rid of it:

The recent growth/color change/itching/breaking/dandruff and other problems, in short, have begun to change so that you can remove it without hesitation.

What means to choose to remove

Mole is a small thing. Going to mole is straightforward. The older man on the road sets up a stall with a mysterious potion for 10 yuan (but this kind of stall seems to be less and less); it is complicated and complicated and valuable in the hospital. The frozen ones, the ones with potions, the ones with lasers, and the ones that need to be cut with a knife… all seem to make sense. So when you have a choice, you feel pain.

Any method is suitable as long as it can remove the mole and leave as few traces as possible.

Factors that determine treatment options to get rid of moles:

(1) The size and depth of pigmented nevus: Generally speaking, non-surgical treatments are possible for those with a diameter of less than 2-3mm. If the diameter exceeds 3mm, surgery is required (the suture is cut off). Although some pigmented moles are not significant in diameter, they are profound, and non-surgical treatment is prone to relapse. It is recommended to cut them off (which are often darker in blue and black)-large pigmented moles must be removed to leave marks. Although surgery will leave scars on the incision, It is also smaller than the scar left by non-operation.

(2) Operator’s experience: Some operators are experienced in freezing or syrup and can remove some small moles well, so freezing and syrup are good choices for him, and lasers may not be a good choice.

(3) Is it easy to get first-class pigmentation: Generally speaking, it is easier to leave pigmentation in potions, followed by freezing and laser again. This is because laser damage control is more precise and inflammation is lighter. From this perspective, laser treatment of pigmented nevus is a good choice.

(4) Other factors include economic factors (the older man on the roadside should be cheaper). Feng Shui legend: Tear mole, etc. It all depends on personal beliefs. People often ask me whether this mole is good or not. We are not professionals in countenance, and we are also self-studying in private universities.

Timing of treatment

Many people are entangled with this timing, especially children.

  • Pediatric patients: Pigmented moles for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended that children can cooperate, generally over seven or eight years old. If it affects the beauty and causes psychological pressure on the child, get rid of it before kindergarten. It grows faster, so try to deal with it as soon as possible, not to leave traces when you grow up.

Congenital giant moles are generally hospitalized for surgery at the age of three or four.

  • Adult patients: beautiful at any time. The pathology should be timely.

Do you need anesthesia during treatment?

Laser moles have acupuncture-like burning pain. If the number of moles is large or young, you need to apply anesthetic ointment to the spot; children under eight years old generally need to be numb (words intimidate and lure) or press numb (parents hold down, Mandatory), I do not recommend the latter.

I heard that the doctors in some units also used anesthesia to cut moles for children. The children can’t cry and make fine plastic sutures in this state, and it is easy to leave scars to get rid of moles. (Many spots are not like the legendary scars of children. Some grow up too), and even incomplete hemostasis can cause a hematoma.

The pain during the operation of the frozen potion will be less.

Recovery period of treatment to get rid of moles

  • Laser spotting mole: The black color disappeared right after the spotting. The pigmented mole was vaporized, but pits appeared immediately, followed by yellowish-brown scabs (someone oozes out in the past few days) and the surrounding redness, and the scabs were removed for about a week. The smooth, red seal slowly fades 1-3 months later. Generally, the wall water will take 2-3 days to remove the scabs naturally. Pay attention to sun protection. Drugs that promote repair can be applied appropriately.
  • Surgery to cut moles : After the cut, stitches are required, usually the next day, stitches will be removed in 6-7 days, and the incision scar will gradually improve after 3 months.
  • Potion/freezing : The scabs formed at that time, and then they will be removed with the scabby pigmented moles for 7-14 days. There will also be red marks in the short term. Some people may develop pigmentation within 3-4 months.

There must be many details regarding mole removal, some of which vary from person to person, so let’s talk about it after a face-to-face consultation.

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