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How to Design Save the Dates Wedding

Save the date cards are an important part of wedding preparations. They are not formal invitations like wedding invites. However, they are enough to put your proposed list of guests on an alert. Because let’s face it, calendars fill up fast.

People have all sorts of commitments to look forward to. Therefore, it can become quite difficult to attend a wedding and not just be an attendee. You have to pick an outfit, choose a gift, and manage your schedule around the event. Thus, sending out save the dates wedding cards beforehand is better to let your friends and family know to Save The Date!

Save the date cards are sent shortly after couples get engaged, and pick out a date and venue. However, they are sent before wedding invites; usually, months or even a year before the ceremony is set to take place.

Are Save The Date Cards Important?

Many skip save the date card, but it does not mean you have to too. These notices have a lot of benefits that will ensure you have a relaxed and fun party rather than a rushed one filled with half-hearted attendees, missing gifts, and apologetic calls from near and dear ones.

How To Design Save The Date Cards?

Save the date cards are easy to design if you use a trusted digital invitation gallery like basic invite or canva. They have numerous save the date cards samples for you to choose from. Moreover, you also have the option to upload your own designs.

Not only this, you can customize cards according to your taste and tip in a few additions too. The point is you have complete creative freedom to make a ‘save the date’ card according to your taste.

Follow the steps given below to make a perfect save the date card:

Open The Digital Graphic Designing App:

Launch the graphic designing app or site of your choice and search for Save The Date Cards. You can also find many samples for this particular invite on online invitation sites.

Select a Template:

Look for a template that you like. Most sites have various color schemes, designs, layouts, and more. Moreover, if you don’t find anything of your liking, you can create your own card or upload a design. Transparent save the date cards are a great choice too.

Use Add-ons To Create Variety:

Most sites offer a lot of tools to let you customize your card. You can change colors, add animations and other cute designs to make your card more appealing. Moreover, you can also date, address, and other additional info on the card in various fonts and colors.

Personalize Until Satisfied:

There is no limit to personalizing your cards. You can choose high-resolution pictures from the graphic designing site or upload your own to give your card a familiar feel. Keep experimenting with colors and styles until you create the card of your choice.

Print and Post Away!

Done with the card? Print at home or order high-quality prints online.

Viola! You are all set to post your save the date cards to concerning personalities.

What Should I Include In My Save The Date Card?

There are numerous things one might add to their save the date card. But it is better to keep the card simple and save the details for formal invitations.

Typically, most save the date cards contain:

  1. Name of the future bride and groom: traditionally, the bride’s name goes first, and the groom’s follows.
  2. Name of the guests: you can use formal titles such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms., or you can go with full names. If you invite a couple with kids, name each member separately or write ‘The insert-last-name Family.’
  3. Address: it is enough to list the state or city for now. But you can also write the precise address if you wish to.
  4. The date: this is the most important detail of your save the ‘date’ invite. As a save the date card is pointless without it.

Additional options: you can opt for notices like ‘formal invitations to follow’ to be added at the end to let the invitees know they will get a proper invitation too.



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