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How to Clean a Mousepad?

It is very important to take good care of the mousepad and give it a good clean once in a while. An important part of the gaming setup that’s often ignoring the mousepad. This unacknowledged champion of gaming gear is unexpectedly important to set up. A dirty mousepad has the potential to affect the precision of the mouse. So it is mandatory to Make a habit of cleaning the mousepad appropriately and frequently to avoid dirt build-up. Some of the best ways to clean the mousepad in simple steps are given below: 

Determine the Material of Mousepad

The fabric of the mousepad will help you to decide how deeply you need to clean it. Many mousepads are machine washable, but it recommends following a certain guide as the safest way to clean mousepads without any risk of damage. If a pad has a hard surface, chiefly a plastic mousepad, its cleaning is stress-free, and it requires a wipe-over with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Take Hot Water and Soap

Take a bowl and fill it with some hot water. Now Add some mild hand soap and give it a spin to make a gentle mixture. Hand Soap can substitute with dish soap. Nonetheless, hand soap is better since it’s softer and gentler.

Dip the Mousepad How to clean a mousepad

Now Put the mousepad into the bowl and make sure to push it down properly so that the water covers it and it’s fully water-logged. Give it a few minutes in the water to remove grease and dirt that’s been engrossed into the mousepad. 

Give Mousepad a Gentle Rub

Use your wet hands and give them a rub. However, it is compulsory to remain gentle to protect the surface fabric from damage, particularly if the fabric is soft and sensitive. It needs extra care if the mousepad has some illustration or graphic because rubbing can destroy the design.

Rinse It 

After a deep massage of a mousepad to get all of the dirt and stains out of the layers of fabric, the next step is to rinse it with some hot water until all bits of lather have disappeared.

Air Mousepad Out How to clean a mousepad

The last step is to dry the mousepad. One of the best ways to dry the mouse pad after it’s been washed is just to let it air dry, or you might hang it in the sun. Some people also use a hairdryer to dry it, but it is important to make sure that you are using the lowest heat setting while using a hairdryer. Attacking the mousepad with too much heat can increase the risk of potential damage, so always proceed carefully.

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If the mousepad is made up of any Prism RGB, then avoid submerging them in water. As an alternative, clean their surface only. By following these simple cleaning steps, you can make sure that nothing is standing in your way of winning the game, not even a dirty mousepad. Another option is the use of specialized sprays for cleaning. Just Spritz the surface with the cleaning spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth. It is good to use a disinfecting wipe. After wiping, let it air dry.



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