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How to delete snapchat account?

I am glad to see that it was not just me who had no idea how to delete a Snapchat account. You do not need to be sad if you are unaware of deleting the account. If you guys opened this article, it is obvious that you are planning to delete your account from Snapchat. There can be many reasons to delete a Snapchat account. Let’s come to the main issue. 

You are just four steps away from deleting your Snapchat account either permanently or just for some time. 

I have mentioned the sequence of the steps that might help you delete your Snapchat account in almost no time. Follow the steps exactly in the series they are written to avoid any inconvenience issue. All you need is a good internet connection, and this page opens in the background. 

Step No.1

The very first step is to dive into the procedure through a single click. First of all, you have two options to get into the system. Either open the link given in the Snapchat portal and in the second situation where if you do not have the Snapchat application installed, go to

By opening this website or going to the portal, you will see a link on your screen. Click on that screen to proceed further.

Step No.2

Since you have opened the page and are waiting to see what happens next, stay with me after reaching that page. Read the term and conditions and scroll the page until you get the option of “Support” on it. Once you find the time, click on it to see what options it gives you and initiate further with appropriate steps. 

Step No. 3

That click would lead to a page that describes some personal and general terms. Since your only motive is to delete your Snapchat account, ignore everything that appeared on that page, and you have to now click on the option of “My account and security” and wait until it opens up a new page for you.

Step No. 4

Have patience when you are about to reach your final step. The previous click pushed you to the almost last option that is “Account information.” Finally, your wait is over. Now click on it, and it will give you some of the options. Now decide whether you want to delete your account permanently or you are just deactivating it for some time. 

These were some of the simple and most appropriate steps that may help you to delete the Snapchat account permanently. If you have attempted these steps accurately, you will reach the goal. In other cases, if you have followed the steps mentioned above yet cannot delete your account, there must be a glitch in the connection or some other privacy issue. In this situation, you must try again in a while.

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