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How to Chit Potatoes?

Chitting is a process that prepares the potatoes for planting and allows them to sprout before planting. chit potatoes It is a valuable technique to grow a large crop. Chitting potatoes will enable them to sprout before planting into the ground, and as a result, it speeds up the growth process.

Potato seeds are ideal for chitting, and the best season to chit potatoes is early spring. Potatoes take 4 to 6 weeks to sprout and are ready to grow in plants. It means you can chit them in early mid-January or early February so that they can grow in March and April, respectively.

Also, remember that planting the potatoes requires warm soil, so select the weather and place that must be warm enough for proper growth. Some easy steps are followed by which you can learn how to chit potatoes?

Decide the Time when you want to Chit Potatoes.

Planning is essential when it comes to planting potatoes. The duration between chitting as well as growing the potatoes must be 4 to 6 weeks. It means after chitting. You have to wait for at least six weeks till the potatoes sprout and are ready to plant in the ground.

The majority of the people prefer January and February for chitting, so till March and April, the potatoes will be ready to plant in soil for perfect growth.

Chitting 4 Weeks Before Planting is Ideal

Chitting before four weeks is necessary as it allows perfect plant growth and provides the best results. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will observe small green eyes on the skin of potatoes; it shows that your potatoes are ready to sprout. Within a few days, they will be prepared to plant in the soil.

The green eyes are also known as rose ends, and it is the part where the potatoes will probably sprout.

 Wait up to 6 Weeks till the chit potatoes Sprout

After six weeks of waiting, you will observe your potatoes sprout enough. It is Time to place them in a warm place. The temperature must be up to 50 degrees, as warmness will contribute to fast and proper growth.

Please place them in a warm temperature for about two weeks and then shift to a more relaxed place. The cooler temperature and natural light help the sprouts turn green, almost the last step before planting. 

 Divide the Seeds and Plant the chit potatoes

Three weeks later, the sprouts have grown to an inch or a bit longer and changed the colour. Now is the Time to finally plant them in the soil. Cut the potatoes in a thrift way and prepare to plant. Leave the cut potatoes for 2-3 days so that they can heal.

After a couple of days, plant them in the soil and wait for the final four weeks. After four weeks, your potatoes will grow acceptable and perfect.

It will be helpful to plan and decide the actual date of frosting so that you can chit the potatoes according to your expected date.

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