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How to stop a Runny Nose?

How to stop a Runny Nose?

A runny nose is the most disturbing time a person has to face. It happens almost to everyone. A runny nose can happen because of allergies, sinuses, or fever. The reasons can be many. You should know how to control it as well. You might be thinking this. This article is wholly based on the remedies you can follow to stop a runny nose. In the following article, we get to know about How to stop a Runny Nose? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

You can follow many home remedies to stop a runny nose. If you think you can control it naturally, go through the following remedies. They will help you a lot in controlling.

Hydrate Yourself

The first step you can do is drink a lot of water and hydrating drinks. This will help to thin the mucus to a runny consistency. At this time, you will feel easy to expel it. The dehydrated drinks will thicken up the mucus, and you will face severe nasal congestion. That will irritate you a lot. So, avoid drinking coffee or other beverages having alcohol in them.

Hot tea is the best

Secondly, you can drink hot tea to avoid a runny nose. The steam from the teas will open up the airways and help you decongest them too. Mostly, herbal teas have decongestants, which help you stop a runny nose. For example, mint and ginger are two herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking herbal teas made of mint and ginger will help you decongest the airways. The steam and the drink itself are suitable for your sore throat too.


The third way to stop a runny nose is getting facial steam. It is much better than the steam you take from the cup of herbal tea. Heat a lot of water in a pan. Let it heat till the vapors start to come out. No need to boil the water. In this, you can add the essential oils helpful for decongestion or the herbs of that oil. If no herb or oil is available, you can make it as you make the herbal tea and enjoy the facial steam. Take the facial steam by placing your head over the water covering your head and face and the pan of water. Take steam. You can take a break too. Suppose there is too much heat on your face. Once you are done with the steam, expel the mucus in your nose.


You can use a neti pot next to stop a runny nose. You have to buy it from any pharmacy and follow the directions correctly, or you will worsen sinuses or infection. Remember that you should not use tap water for this. Instead, go for distilled water or the sterilized one.

Always keep in mind these are the remedies to cure the runny nose. As it happens because of the viral or infections, these remedies will lessen their effect on them. You should not entirely rely on that. If the symptoms continue, go for medical treatments as soon as possible.

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